Shaft casting industry development situation is good for 2015 years, along with the vigorous development of automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries, for domestic mechanical casting industry has provided a broad development platform, the mechanical casting industry has made steady progress in the traditional market, at the same time, actively explore the emerging markets. The present Chinese mechanical casting industry is moving toward the high products and reduce the manufacturing cost of development direction.

With China's stainless steel tools hardware demand constantly increasing, with the rising status of China's economic development and China's hardware industry, China's hardware products export to other countries also more and more, the increase in foreign demand directly led products in the domestic foundry enterprises in our country. International mold association secretary general luo hui survey, at present, our country metal bearing has created a large economic size, but because of the development mode, industry structure, independent innovation and brand building of ascension pulling the domestic demand, will guide is strong, the whole construction machinery will radiation effects of large precision bearing of basic mechanical casting industry as the focus of the 12th five-year development industry, strive to make it at or near the international advanced level. Is expected with the support of policy, by 2015, high-end bearing casting industry sales of 222 billion yuan.

Domestic high-end bearing casting industry shoulder the important mission of China's high-end equipment localization challenge, and considering the shaft research science and technology outstanding research and development, casting and innovation ability, believe in the future, will support the burden of major equipment localization in China.

Under the guidance of the 12th five-year plan, China's high-end bearing foundry industry developed industry development plan. Developed to promote domestic projects and export tandem mold industry development policy. In rail transit, medical equipment, aerospace, automotive lightweighting, driven the development of rail transportation and other fields, the bearing level obviously improved in foundry industry in our country.

Bearing in the traditional market department forward in foundry industry at the same time actively explore emerging markets, even in the past neglected the edge of the market also got development, these factors make the mold market development results. Looking forward to get more brilliant achievements in the future.

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